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New format announced for III Coin Rock Festival


III Coin Rock Festival

This year’s Coin Rock Festival sees a radical change to the format with a move to a new venue in Malaga city’s La Cochera Cabaret and a slimmed down line-up with five bands on the bill, these being: Sonem, and heavy metal band from Cadiz; Runic, a viking death metal crew from Castellon; Eslavon, a thrash/death metal outfit from Seville; Dimera, another thrash/death metal band from Malaga; and finally Spectral, a German viking black metal act from M├╝llenborn.

This year’s festival will be held on Saturday July 20 and tickets cost 11 euros in advance or 16 euros on the door. Tickets are available to purchase online here: http://coinrockfestival.jimdo.com/festival/entradas/