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Fuel Fandango at Sala Paris 15


Fuel Fandango

Fuel Fandango will be presenting their latest album “Trece Lunas” at Sala Paris 15 on May 31 from 9 pm. Tickets are 14 euros in advance, 18 euros on the door. Tickets are available from Halcón Viajes, Fnac and Carrefour. Or online at Ticketmaster

Fuel Fandango

Fuel Fandango is a duo featuring Nita and Ale Acosta: Nita’s background was flamenco and copla; whilst Ale’s was black-influenced dance music (Mojo Project) together the produce a danceable electronic beat with a flamenco feel and the energy of rock and roll.

The duo are based Córdoba, although Ale is from the Canary Islands, and they made their mark early on with their electrifying live shows, and before recording their first album, they had already given around 80 concerts. With the release in 2010 of their debut album (self-titled and self-produced), the buzz continued to build, and they soon found themselves performing in places as diverse as Algeria, Dubai, Ukraine, France, and India. With Trece Lunas, they wanted to channel the energy of their live performances: “I think that was lacking on the first album”, says Acosta (co-producer, instrumentation). “Just about everything was recorded on the first take. We didn’t want it to sound overproduced. We spent months adding the final touches, but we recorded the guitars and bass in three days, and the vocals in another three”. In all, they spent less then two weeks in the studio in Punta Paloma (Cádiz) and five days in Madrid.

They’re a well-matched pair – Ale focuses on the musical side of things, and Nita is the voice. She’s also the hand that writes the lyrics (either in English or Spanish) and the one who takes care of their look, an essential element in the perception of Fuel Fandango as an international act (be it one with a distinctly Spanish flavour). It was her idea to get Neil Krug (creator of album covers for bands like Ladytron and Scissor Sisters) to design the cover art – an evocative image of a peacock, its tail feathers folded, like it is just about to open them up. It is an appropriate image for an album combining the forcefulness of rock, the energy of dance music, the spirit of flamenco, and the accessibility of pop.