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Actúa Málaga cultural festival


Actua Malaga

Once again Málaga is the venue for a great lineup of local musical talent with the free festival Actua Málaga taking place on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 September in Málaga’s Parque de Málaga.

Actúa Málaga is a festival of culture organised by the local radio network Cadena SER featuring a wide range of music, art and theatrical performances across three stages, one for music; one for theatre and dance; and a third for solo performers such as comedians, illusionists, etc.

There will also be an exhibition area for works of art, sculptures, photographs, etc.

Friday 27 September

A Stage

18:00 Millenium Voice
18:50 La Frase Más Sencilla
19:35 Los Señores Monos
20:20 Jack Trébol
21:05 London Avenue
21:50 Materia Inerte
22:40 Las Ronkeras
23:30 Gaula

B Stage

18:25 Fito Vergara
19:15 Ribo 720 & Mr Arestwo
20:00 El Rey Del Bolero
20:45 Dani Heredia
21:30 Anthony Jiménez & Berni Anut
22:15 Calvario Zone
23:05 Sambagua Do Río Batucada

Saturday 28 September

A Stage

18:00 Vicky & The Bottomless
18:50 Respiro
19:35 Vuelo Sin Motor
20:20 Kermit
21:05 Futu Matano
21:50 Malaka Youth
22:40 Ubunto
23:30 12 13 Reggae Band

B Stage

18:25 Antonio Santo
19:15 Ana Belén Rute
20:00 María Solis
20:45 Carmen Robles
21:30 Viano y Pecado
22:15 Alba Maldonado
23:05 Lady Freedom